FAQs & Troubleshooting

Yes, the only difference between the free version and the pro version is the previous one has watermark on exported video.

Yes, all the functions of HitPaw Toolkit are completely free, you can use it on your computer freely.

As there are many different circumstances, we suggest you read our Refund Policy

Yes, you can cancel the subscription whenever before the renewal date. If you don’t know how to cancel it, please contact us

No, once placed an order, you can get the lifetime free updates.

1. Generally, the computer will not automatically enter the sleep mode during recording.
2. If the laptop lid is closed during recording, the computer may be forced to sleep, which may cause the webcam recording to freeze. To avoid this issue, please right-click on the battery icon > click Choose what closing the lid does > set all the selections to “Do nothing”.

The issue may be caused by the following two reasons:
1. The webcam device does not support the set parameters;
2. There is a problem inside the camera device.
Solution: adjust the resolution parameter or frame rate parameter and then start recording again.

Please check whether other applications are using the webcam, if so, please exit it and then try to record again, the issue will be solved.

First of all, make sure your display resolution is 4K, and then go to HitPaw Screen Recorder’s Settings, choose General, select the original resolution. Once finished, go back to record full screen, the output video resolution will be 4K.

Yes. Click on Record Screen function from the main interface, select any area, press and hold the positioning icon, you can drag the recording area to any monitor.

HitPaw Screen Recorder supports recording any DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan-based games, that is mean to almost all PC games, such as Minecraft, CSgo, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Roblox, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, etc.

Yes. However, some console games may not be recorded during actual use. We will optimize this feature in the next version.

1. Select the game from the game list, check whether the game screen appears in the screen monitoring, if so, the game can be recorded normally; if not, please check solution two.
2. Select the game from the application list, check whether the game screen appears in the screen monitoring, if so, the game can be recorded normally; if not, please check solution three.
3. Select Record Webcam function from the main interface, and check whether there is a capture card in the device drop-down list. If there is, select it, then you can record the capture card screen normally.

Game recording directly records the graphics card, it will save system resources and less stuttering.

The output resolution of the recorded game is the same as the resolution of the game window.

Scheduled recording: set a recording start time, the software will start to record automatically.
Timed recording: set a recording start time and also an automatical stop duration. For instance, you can set to start recording at 8:00 PM, and then set to automatic stop in 30 minutes, the recording will over at 8:30 PM.
Segment recording: set to automatically save in segments during the recording. For instance, if you set the segment duration to 5 minutes and enable the Automatic Stop in 50 minutes, you will get 10 videos, each of 5 minutes.

Please click the start recording button, or click the abnormal loudspeakers icon, and hit the "Install" in the popup window to install the plug-in.
Then there is a background music icon in the upper right corner, please do not shut down.

Please check the following settings: Make sure the audio output device is Background Music. Find the background music icon, click it and check the output device is a loudspeaker.
Note: If all else fails, you can also choose to reinstall the audio plug-in and restart the program.

1. In the general settings on the home page, click to switch graphics cards, and it will be normal after restarting the program. If there are multiple graphics cards, you can switch the graphics cards more than once until the recording screen appears. There is no need to switch afterwards.
2. If the above method is not be applied , it may be caused by the configuration of the graphics card itself. In the configuration of nvidia, it cannot be configured as high-performance graphics mode. If the global high-performance mode is configured, the screen recording software needs to be configured as integrated graphics mode separately.

When the background color of the picture is relatively single, such as the sky and the sea, the first or second mode is recommended; if the background of the picture is more complex, such as grass and mountains, the third mode is recommended.

The “Undo” function only works for the "Create Selection" operation, which means it cannot help to revoke operations such as zooming and moving the selection. If you click the "Undo" button, only the last created selection will be undone.

Yes, but the Remove Video Watermark function supports operations such as zooming, moving, setting the time interval, and deleting the created selection at any time.

Yes, in the current version, you can preview one of the watermark removal effects of the selection. And you can click on the play button to preview the effect directly during the moving watermark.

The minimum size of HitPaw Toolkit interface is 1100*620, if the display resolution of your computer is less than this value, this issue will occur. Please check your computer resolution or try to use it on another one with higher resolution.

It may be caused by a too large video file or your computer cannot work well with HitPaw Toolkit for its low configuration. You can try to check for update as our engineer is trying their best to solve this problem or use it on another computer with great CPU.

1. Please check if there is enough space on your destination location or it may be caused by the file path is missing. You can fix it via switching to another one destination location with enough space or change the export path.
2. The width of the exported video is not even which may lead to this problem. Please use Crop & Rotate option to edit and crop the video again or you can check for update. Then the problem will be solved.

This problem may occur when your driver is too low to play the video. Please update the drivers for the graphics card on your computer.

You may open HitPaw Toolkit in administrator mode. Please quit the application completely, and then double-click its desktop icon to reopen it. At last, the problem will be fixed.

There are several reason about this issue:
Reason 1: The format is achieved by modifying the name
Reason 2: There is no "video stream" in the video file
Reason 3: The video duration is less than 100 milliseconds
Reason 4: The video file is damaged
Please check if your video is in normal condition according to the reasons above and then try again.

Please quit HitPaw Toolkit completely and then, reopen it. This problem can be fixed.

When you meet this error, it means that another one third-party software is using our HitPaw Toolkit, you need to find out it and close it.

Please click the setup file to reinstall it. Then, choose another one new path to save setup file.

There is a disaster recovery scheme in HitPaw Video Editor. The program will back up the current project in real time. Simply reopen the program and a pop-up window will be displayed to remind you. You only need to click the "Restore" button to restore the program to the way it was before the abnormal exit.

No. HitPaw Video Editor saves your files only according to their filename and save location. Therefore, we do not save your original video, audio and images. Those clips whose saving path has changed will be shown as exceptions.

Yes. Just right-click on the video and select Find Back, then select the previous clip in the pop-up resource manager and you can get it back.

Hardware accelerationis to use the computer's built-in GPU/CPU for acceleration, which can help process files faster, and is suitable for any conversion scene

It may be caused by a too large video file or your computer cannot work well with HitPaw Video Converter for its low configuration. You can try to check for update as our engineer is trying their best to solve this problem or use it on another computer with great CPU.

1. Normal files cannot be played: you need to upgrade the driver (OpenGL) version.
2. Black screen for normal file playback: audio files or video files lacking video streams.

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