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FAQs & Troubleshooting

1. Will the pro version of HitPaw Toolkit remove the watermark?

Yes, the only difference between the free version and the pro version is the previous one has watermark on exported video.

2. Is HitPaw Toolkit really free to use?

Yes, all the functions of HitPaw Toolkit are completely free, you can use it on your computer freely.

3. Can I return the software and get back my money?

As there are many different circumstances, we suggest you read our Refund Policy.

4. Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes, you can cancel the subscription whenever before the renewal date. If you don’t know how to cancel it, please contact us.

5. Will I need to pay again for the updates?

No, once placed an order, you can get the lifetime free updates.

1. Why the interface of HitPaw Toolkit is not complete on my computer screen?

The minimum size of HitPaw Toolkit interface is 1100*620, if the display resolution of your computer is less than this value, this issue will occur. Please check your computer resolution or try to use it on another one with higher resolution.

2. Why the video loading is so slowly? Why it is frozen when Dragging and why the video playback is not smooth?

It may be caused by a too large video file or your computer cannot work well with HitPaw Toolkit for its low configuration. You can try to check for update as our engineer is trying their best to solve this problem or use it on another computer with great CPU.

3. Why HitPaw Toolkit failed to export my video?

1. Please check if there is enough space on your destination location or it may be caused by the file path is missing. You can fix it via switching to another one destination location with enough space or change the export path.
2. The width of the exported video is not even which may lead to this problem. Please use Crop & Rotate option to edit and crop the video again or you can check for update. Then the problem will be solved.

4. Why it is black on the preview screen when playing? I can hear the sound.

This problem may occur when your driver is too low to play the video. Please update the drivers for the graphics card on your computer.

5. Why I cannot drag and drop a video to HitPaw Toolkit?

You may open HitPaw Toolkit in administrator mode. Please quit the application completely, and then double-click its desktop icon to reopen it. At last, the problem will be fixed.

6. Why it says formats not supported when I open a video you claimed to support?

There are several reason about this issue:
Reason 1: The format is achieved by modifying the name
Reason 2: There is no "video stream" in the video file
Reason 3: The video duration is less than 100 milliseconds
Reason 4: The video file is damaged
Please check if your video is in normal condition according to the reasons above and then try again.

7. Why I cannot drag and drop the video to HitPaw Toolkit after installation?

Please quit HitPaw Toolkit completely and then, reopen it. This problem can be fixed.

8. Why it comes to the error “ the following applications are using files that need to be updated by Setup….”, and failed to install?

When you meet this error, it means that another one third-party software is using our HitPaw Toolkit, you need to find out it and close it.

9. What to do if I can get the error “Setup was unable to create the directory” or “error 5: access denied ” when installing?

Please click the setup file to reinstall it. Then, choose another one new path to save setup file.

1. Which mode is the best one to remove watermark from photo?

When the background color of the picture is relatively single, such as the sky and the sea, the first or second mode is recommended; if the background of the picture is more complex, such as grass and mountains, the third mode is recommended.

2. Why I cannot cancel my previous step with “Undo”function?

The “Undo” function only works for the "Create Selection" operation, which means it cannot help to revoke operations such as zooming and moving the selection. If you click the "Undo" button, only the last created selection will be undone.

3. Are there no "Undo" and "Redo" functions in the Remove Video Watermark function?

Yes, but the Remove Video Watermark function supports operations such as zooming, moving, setting the time interval, and deleting the created selection at any time.

4. Does Remove Video Watermark not support playback and preview of the watermark removal effect in the program?

Yes, in the current version, you can only view the watermark removal effect after exporting the video. However, you can also use the "Preview the current frame" function to view the effect of a single screen. Please note that we will implement a complete preview of the video watermark removal effect in future versions.

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