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How to Record My Screen with Icecream Screen Recorder

Joshua Hill
Updated on 2021-10-25

With so many online classes and meetings, many people are looking for the best screen recorder software. To dig out a best screen record, you may have spent a lot of time already. Knowing an increasing demand of free screen recorder, we will introduce several free screen recorders in this article.

Part 1: How Does Icecream Screen Recorder Work

Icecream Screen Recorder is a lightweight software that allows users to record screen, record game, record webcam or take screenshot. Now, let's know more about it.

Icecream Screen Recorder Free Download

Many users wonder if Icecream Screen Recorder for windows can work. I can now confirm that it does work. Icecream Screen Recorder PC version and Icecream Screen Recorder Mac version are available. Icecream Screen Recorder for Windows 7, Window 10 and Window 8 are compatible for installation. If you do not download the software to your desktop, go to its official website to safely download it.

Steps to Record Screen with Icecream Recorder

In this part, we will show you the steps to record screen with Icecream video recorder. Follow them and begin with your work.

  • If you need to record screen with audio, you have to make some settings. Click the Setting Button on the right corner and choose Audio option. Enable the "Record audio" and "Record microphone".

    record screen with audio
  • If you want to record the desktop screen without showing the mouse cursor, deselect the Record Mouse Movements in the Video option. Besides, you can set the video format and quality according to your requirement.

    other settings
  • There are 4 functions for you to choose in the top menu column. If you are to record your screen, click the Capture video button, and choose to record fullscreen or customize the screen.

    iceccream record
  • Select your recording area. Click on the Rec button to start your recording.

    start recording
  • Click the Stop button to stop recording. Then Click the OK button to save the video or click the Edit video button in the pop-up window.

    save recording video

The Cons of Icecream Recorder:

Even though it's easy to record your screen with Icecream Screen Recorder software, it still has some disadvantages.

  1. If the video is recorded for more than five minutes, there is a watermark on the video.
  2. You have to pay to enjoy all of its features. Icecream Screen Recorder pro needs 29.95$ one-time payment.
  3. Can't use game capture mode in Minecraft Windows 10 app.
  4. Few video formats and screen cropping ratio are available.
  5. The software will crush sometimes without any notification.
  6. The audio may get distorted when editing sometimes

Part 2: The Best Online and Offline Screen Recorder Instead of Icecream Recorder

Since Icecream Recorder has such crucial disadvantages, is there any better screen recorder? Yes, of cause. HitPaw Online Screen Recorder and HitPaw Screen Recorder are the best alternatives.

Use HitPaw Online Screen Recorder for Free

If you want to record your screen for free, HitPaw Online Screen Recorder is recommended. You can use all its features and successfully record screen without any watermark with HitPaw Online Screen Recorder. You may want to know how to use it, here are the steps for you.

Steps to Record Screen with HitPaw Online Screen Recorder:

  • Select the recording mode: Microphone, System audio or No audio. Then click on the Start Recording button.

    recording mode
  • If you want to record video with audio, allow this site to access your microphone and browser recording screen.
  • Select your screen that you want to record.

    share screen
  • After finishing, you can go to edit your video or just click the Download button to save it.

    hitpaw screen recorder online

Even though it is completely free to record screen, but it still has few limits honestly. HitPaw Online Screen Recorder can not record video exceed 100MB. Fortunately, HitPaw Screen Recorder software offers a favourable price, and if you're willing to spend a little money, you can enjoy all the features to record screen without time limit.

2.2 The Best and Easiest Offline Screen Rcorder

HitPaw Screen Recorder is a powerful software which provides a extremely user-friendly interface and can record screen, game, webcam or picture-in-picture video in simple steps. You must download it first before trying to record screen with it.

If you still don't have the software on your desktop, click the download button below and install it.

Features of HitPaw Screen Recorder:

  1. Easily record screen, game, webcam and picture-in-picture video in few simple steps.
  2. Record full screen or customized screen with zoom feature.
  3. Able to customize resolution and easy to change it.
  4. allows you to capture your mouse and keyboard actions.
  5. The feature of hardware acceleration enhances its working speed.
  6. Quite easy to use, perfect for new creators.

Steps to Record Game with HitPaw Screen Recorder:

Take recording a game screen as an example, and the steps are as follows.

  • Open the software and select "Record Game" at the top. If you want to show keystrokes in your video, click the arrow and enable "Show keystrokes".

    effect setting
  • Select your game from the drop-down list.

    select game
  • Click the red Rec button on the top right corner to begin your recording, and click it again when finishing.

    record game


In this article, the features and steps of Icecream Recorder have been discussed in detail. Besides, HitPaw Online Screen Recorder and HitPaw Screen Recorder are also recommended. HitPaw Screen Recorder allows you record any screen without time limits. Now, download it and try it by yourself.

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How to record screen has been much discussed today, especially since many classes and meetings need to be held online due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In this article, Icecream screen recording will be discussed in detail, and the best alternatives of Icecream Recorder will be introduced as well.