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All You Need to Know about My Heritage AI

In recent times, people around the world are more particular about family. Many genealogy apps and websites have emerged to help people trace their family history. Users of genealogy websites can also use social media to connect with other family members to trace their common history. MyHeritage is one of the leading websites fronting the discovery of people's family ties.

1. What is My Heritage AI? What's the Use of It?

My Heritage is a platform equipped with various tools that can help people discover their family history. My Heritage uses DNA tests, billions of historical international data, and sophisticated matching algorithms to make the discovery of family history possible.
You should use My Heritage AI if:
  • You want to find how a member of your family is related to you.
  • Discover the ancestry of your family.
  • Locate more members of your family who are scattered around the world.

2. Is My Heritage Photo Animation Free?

You should use My Heritage AI if:
Yes, My Heritage Deep Nostalgia free app photo animation is free for use by all. However, there are some restrictions on free accounts that can only be removed by upgrading to a paid subscription plan. My Heritage offers up to a 50% discount for free members who want to subscribe to a paid plan for the first time.
The free basic plan offers the following features:
  • Free registration of user account and access to personal My Heritage dashboard.
  • Build free family sites that can accommodate a maximum of 250 family members in the family tree(s).
  • Use up to 500 MB of storage space to upload My Heritage animated pictures and save scanned family documents to the family site.

3. How to use My Heritage AI photo

To use My Heritage AI photo online you need to:
  1. Visit on your browser.
  2. Click Upload and select the picture you want to upload.
  3. Fill in a membership registration form if you are a new user. New users can register using their Facebook or Google accounts while providing supplementary personal information to complete the signup form. Alternatively, you can fill the signup form without choosing any of the social media options.
  4. Log into your account to begin My Heritage photo animation free. After the animation is complete, you should see the animation on your screen. Please note that information required includes name, sex, year of birth, email, and password.
  5. Below the animation are social tools (WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter) to share the animation.
  6. There is an option to download the animation in MP4 format. Users can also upload a new photo on the same page or click Go To My Photos to view previous photo uploads.

4. How to Use My Heritage Deep Nostalgia Free App

My Heritage Nostalgia free app is available on both Google Play Store and the Apple Apps Store. The Deep Nostalgia App allows users to use most of My Heritage's services on their smartphone on the go. You can download the Deep Nostalgia App for free on both platforms.
  1. Download and install the My Heritage App on your required platform.
  2. Accept all the permissions.
  3. Choose images from your gallery, and let the AI animate them immediately.

5. Other Useful Tools From Myheritage.Com

Family Tree

The family is one of the main features of My Heritage. New members are expected to start their family tree by supplying personal information. The user is then asked for information about parents, spouse, siblings, and cousins. As this information is filled, the family tree begins to expand. More members can be added to the family tree as soon as information about them is available. The first name, second name, and year of birth of each member are displayed on the family tree. Users can upload My Heritage old photos of each member on their spot on the family tree.

DNA Test

My Heritage offers world standard DNA testing kits that can help reveal family ancestry. There is a price of $67 to pay to order the kit. The DNA kit can be ordered using PayPal or major credit cards. After a successful order, the DNA kit is shipped to the specified address. The kit consists of a cheek swab which users are required to use without saliva or blood. The swab takes the DNA sample needed. The user packs the swab and mails the kit back to My Heritage's DNA lab within 4 weeks. The user will later be invited online to see DNA test results.


This is an advanced search tool that can be used to locate family members based on billions of international historical archives at My Heritage's disposal. Start by using first name, second name, and year of birth. You can add more information to improve the quality of search results or use the advanced search option.


Discoveries save the profile of some users of My Heritage who are likely related to you. Discoveries often appear from cross-matching your search results and finding the relationship between them. For example, a distant cousin may be listed on your Discovery after you have found a close relative using the Research tool.


New users may find My Heritage's website quite overwhelming. However, there are lots of guides to help them understand how to use the site to get whatever they want. There is also a FAQ section that helps to resolve common issues users may experience when navigating the My Heritage AI website for the first time.

Recent Activity

On this page, users can keep track of what is happening on their accounts and how they have been using the My Heritage website over time. The most recent activities are placed on the top of the page while previous activities go down the page. This tool can help users detect when there has been unauthorized use of their accounts so appropriate measures can be taken.

6. FAQs about MyHeritage

Q1. Is there a My Heritage coupon code?

There are different coupon codes generated by My Heritage on daily basis to give special discounts on some of their services. For example, some coupons give a 50 percent discount on monthly membership subscriptions. Some coupons give discounts on the DNA test service. Some of the coupons come with terms and conditions which users must understand and follow.

Q2. Is My Heritage worth it?

For many users, My Heritage AI photo has helped them locate distant relatives. It has also helped many to discover their family history and have more organized and detailed information about how their family members are related. DNA tests have also revealed where some people originate. These results have tremendous social and medical implications for users.

Q3. Is MyHeritage safe?

My Heritage allows users to control what amount of personal or family data is shared with the public. This is meant to avoid breaching the privacy of individuals. Despite experiencing a security breach in 2018, users' data were not compromised. Now My Heritage uses two-factor authentication to protect users' accounts.


My Heritage is one of the few genealogy websites that is using artificial intelligence to enhance clarity on family history and relationships. My Heritage's phenomenal AI animation is a recently added feature to its services, users are waiting to see more improvements in the animation and inclusion of other exciting features on My Heritage's platforms.
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