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Is Filmora Free? - What You Never Know Before

Filmora is one of the most popular and professional-grade video editing software on the market. The software is known for its efficiency and its wide range of customization options. A lot of users try to use this program for their work and ask ‘is Filmora free?’
Filmora is a paid editing software but it has a free trial version feature all its customizing options. If you want to know more, then check out our article about Filmora.



We will introduce Wondershare Filmora here. You will know clearly about whether Filmora is free or not, is it worth trying, is it safe and system requirements.

Wondershare Filmora logo

wondershare Filmora review

Part 1. Is Filmora Free?

No, it is not free software. So how much does Filmora 9 cost? Filmora price is different for Windows and Mac.
The Annual plan for Windows costs $39.99, and the Lifetime plan costs $69.99.
The Annual Plan for Mac comes at $44.99, and the Lifetime plan costs the same as Windows.
Although Filmora is a paid editing software, it has a free trial version that comes equipped with all its features. It allows you to test nearly all features in the software, but it has some limitations.

Filmora Free Trial Limitations

Before pay to one software, most of us want to know if it is a suitable software for us. The free trial of Filmora with all its feature sounds too good to be true.
So, let’s talk about Filmora free trial limitations.
While it is true that the free trial version of Filmora comes with all the customization options as you will get in the paid version. The free version also adds something to the edited videos. A watermark! Impossible to remove and covers one-third of the video.
So, at the topic of Filmora free vs Paid, the only difference is the watermark. A giant watermark that says Filmora at the bottom of all the edited videos. Once you make the purchase, the watermark disappears.

Part 2. Is Filmora Worth Buying?

Filmora is one of the most popular video editing software on the market. It is safe to use, and it comes with all the video customization options there is. Let’s check if it is worth buying via acknowledging its features and advantages.
A few key Filmora features:
  1. Advanced Editing Modes

    There are several advanced editing modes available. You can easily change between slip editing, slide editing, rate stretching, and ripple editing.

  2. Detailed Color Correction

    The color correction involves using professional color wheels with automated correction tools and balancing the controls.

  3. Key framing

    This feature helps you to animate any aspect of any effect, video, audio clip in your video. You can change the position, size, opacity, and volume.

  4. Audio Compressor

    You will be able to manipulate the dynamic range between the softest and loudest parts of any audio clip and bring out its consistency.

  5. Effect Customization

    There is a library full of customizable professional-grade effects, accessible to you.

Now that you had a good look at its features. Let’s check out the advantages of using Filmora…
  • First of all, Filmora comes with a free trial version equipped with all the options.
  • Lots of customization options
  • Available for both Mac and Windows
  • Easy to use
  • A lot of videos to help you learn editing videos quickly
  • With effects, it can make your videos more interesting and attracting.

Part 3. Is Filmora Safe?

Before getting any software, you should worry if the software is safe to use or to download. But you do not have to make such worries with Wondershare Filmora. It is a safe tool to use.
The Wondershare company established in 2003, and since then it has produced several award-winning products. It has a good foundation. The software doesn’t have any issues that we are aware of. It is easy to use and provides professional-level video editing experience.

Part 4. Filmora System Requirements

Filmora is a high performing video editing software that can only run on a system that meets its specifications. Here are the Filmora system requirements.
If you are using Windows OS, then you will need Windows 8 or later version to run Filmora , and it has to be a 64 bit OS.
On a Mac, you have to use macOS X 10.13 or any later version of the OS to successfully run Filmora.

Part 5. Filmora Alternative for Beginners-HitPaw Toolkit

So, is Filmora good? There is no doubt about its performance. But most people seek a Filmora alternative as it is not easy for beginners or for those who only need to do simple editing. Here, we recommend you to use HitPaw Toolkit which is designed for newbies.
HitPaw Toolkit is an excellent video editing tools. It is developed by a reputed company. It is safe to use and comes with a wide range of options. Let’s check out its advantages.
  1. Clear UI lets you edit video as simple as you can imagine.
  2. Very cheap. Only $3.99 to get 1 month license.
  3. Fast performance. It can work very fast.
  4. It will come with a lot of features each month.
wondershare Filmora VS HitPaw Toolkit

Final Thoughts

There is no bad thing to say about Filmora. At least, not from us. It is a great software. It has all the features, efficiency, operation convenience, but the software has also proven that all great things come at an even greater price. Most people ask, is Filmora free?
Well, it is not, and the price is also very high. So, you can get Filmora is you are ready to spend that much. But if you are not, then go for equally well-performing HitPaw Toolkit for simple editing; as it is available at a cheaper price and very easy to use.

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How long is Filmora free trial?

You can use the free trial as long as you want. It does not have time limitation.

Where to buy Filmora?

You can visit its official website or there are a lot of third-party platform which may provide discount to make the purchase.

Does Filmora have a watermark?

If you are using the free trial version, then all the edited videos will have a watermark. But if you make the purchase, the watermark will disappear.

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