HitPaw Edimakor (Video Editor) HitPaw Edimakor for Mac HitPaw Edimakor (Video Editor)

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Many free effects

“One of the things I like most about HitPaw Video Editor is that all of its effects are free to use. Also, there are many popular transitions and filters that beautify my videos very well. And another thing I like is that HitPaw is frequently updated with new features, so I'm always waiting for more interesting video and audio effects, such as some interesting memes.”

Lakshman Navdeep 2021-12-20

Excellent product to use

“Great product. I was using Windows Video Editor but wanted something a bit more powerful but not complicated, and this seems to do the job. Good to know that it keeps improving. ”

Edward 2021-12-14

Excellent video editing software

“I have my own TikTok channel and I need to edit short video clips frequently. So I was looking for a powerful video editor which can greatly help me same time. Then I found HitPaw. Fortunately, It hasn't let me down! All edit functions it provides are soooo easy to use and can edit successfully in a few clicks really. Also, I love the filters and transitions in it, because they made my videos more interesting. Many people who have seen my videos have left comments about how funny they are on TikTok, and that they want to see more videos. Thanks to HitPaw!”

John Magee 2021-12-13

Packed with features I like

“Overall, HitPaw is a good video editor that meets my need. Though it lacks some of the features I like, but I can use its online toolbox to make a further editing. When I consulted their support team, they told me that they are developing a better version, and sooner or later i can enjoy the features i need, I would wait...”

Patricia 2021-12-10


“It's a wonderful experience to use this tool. I know a sooo easy-to-use video editor! I will continue to use it to edit my vlogs.”

JILLIAN 2021-12-04

You may need it as well

“I uploaded my video and started my editing. The transition effects are good and my friends said the video turned out great.”

Daniel Tremblay 2021-11-30

Try it

“I like it. It's not that expensive and the features are quite useful, worth it.”

John Kennedy 2021-11-30

My top choice!

“Its basic functions can make many powerful edits on video possible. Just as it says:beyond my imagination.”

Brandy Shaul 2021-11-25

Quite good!

“"Quite good! Comes with all the features I need. And I think that's enough."”

Nancy 2021-11-15

Meritites Vladimíra

“One of the easiest video editors I have come across but still has a lot of features. And HitPaw is fairly priced as well. ”

Meritites Vladimíra 2021-10-12

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