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HitPaw, a perfect product of video editor

“HitPaw Video Editor is just a dream comes true! The video track does not just snap the clip to the edge of the track but gives absolute control on which, where and how tracks are arranged. complete freedom. goodbye to Adobe premiere”

Calvin 2022-02-14

useful features

“I used its new feature Pan&Zoom last week. Well, it did help a lot. It can make my video with a camera movement feature, which makes my video look more professional and interesting. In my view, the more you use this software, the more you will find that it can bring endless possibilities to your videos. It does worth a try, and it won't let you down, I believe!”

Gautam Abhilash 2022-02-12

Easiest video editor ever used

“HitPaw is very easy to use like in 5 minutes I learned it. You can make good videos while spending less time editing. It’s a very good investment. I used it to make my videos since the beginning of 2022. Also the tutorial and help support is very useful. Download the free trial and you wont regret it.”

Spike 2022-02-08

HitPaw worths to use

“I have been editing videos for about 6 years now and have had to use three programs to get every feature I wanted. HitPaw has everything I want and some cool additional features. It s also easy to use, but you should definitely spend some time reviewing the tutorials if you want to take advantage of the features it offers.”

Kris 2022-01-19


“I have used HitPaw Video Editor for one week. It is very stable and easy to use. It is the right one I'm looking for. Its unlimited tracks are amazing! I can add unlimited videos to the program as I want. Also, one of my original videos is 720p, but I can export it as a 4K video! I never thought video editor software would have this kind of feature. It greatly increases the quality of my video. But I'm still looking forward to more interesting functions.”

Māui Makaio 2022-01-17

My experience with HitPaw

“Hi everyone. I had been looking for a good editing software and goggle suggested this.I downloaded it and This was the best software ever! I love it sooo much and its super easy to use. I had made a briiliant intro and I had fun editing it. They have so many features such as transitions and effects. I spent 1 hour on my video editing and the finished product was amazing. It is a really a good product.”

Lory 2022-01-12

It's good!

“I'm a beginner in video editing so I am always finding an easy-to-use video editor software. Then I found HitPaw Video Editor. Actually, it didn't let me down. For me, I can use it easily to edit videos without the help of a user guide. And what I love about this software most is that it provides more than one method for each edit. For example, when I wanted to mute a video, I found 3 ways to do that in HitPaw. It is amazing!”

Arnd Guntram 2022-01-10

Recommend for everyone

“HitPaw Video Editor, an amazing and easy video editing program. I recommend to everyone. Easy and intuitive to use.”

Ken 2022-01-05

Wonderful editing experience

“A few days ago my friend recommended this software to me. He said it only took 3 steps to finish editing his TikTok videos. Then I tried it. It did! It is so easy to use for a new beginner like me. And I love its function of detaching audio. Because it is noisy when I shoot videos, I have to add bgm to cover to noise. HitPaw provides a quite easy way to help me. I love this app and I had introduced it to my friend yesterday.”

Omondi Kwasi 2022-01-04

Amazing to use

“HitPaw Video Editor is stable, easy to use and reasonably priced. I am amazed how many times I thought I really messed up; but then using HitPaw easily undid my errors without any problems. I have used other video programs that were unstable and could not do half what HitPaw does. At the present time, I am creating a video for my class while running 10 to 15 videos simultaneously. It still works smoothly!”

Zack 2021-12-27

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