HitPaw Edimakor (Video Editor) HitPaw Edimakor for Mac HitPaw Edimakor (Video Editor)

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“It was my friend that recommended this tool to me. She said it was an extremely easy to use software which is greatly helpful for my YouTube videos. But I still want to read other users' comments before using it.”

Pinada 2022-03-22

Useful video editor

“I've been using hitpaw for almost three months now and it has helped me edit my YouTube videos very well. In my opinion, its most useful features are changing the speed of the video with one click, cutting out any unwanted parts of the video, plus adding music and transitions. All in all, it's a useful video editor.”

Faris Nagib 2022-03-15


“I wanted to remove noise from my video and add my favourite bgm to it, then I tried HitPaw Video Editor. I can't believe it only takes one click to get rid of noise in HitPaw. It's amazing! And I'm going to other features, hope they don't let me down.”

Makstrang 2022-03-15

Nice Video Editor

“It's easy to use and when I first use it, it has guide to lead me how to merge, cut and so on. It's so nice. I could say, it completely suits the user who never use any video editor before. You can learn to use it in 3 minutes.”

Potter 2022-03-14

Good for YouTubers

“HitPaw video editor is an option to be considered as a YouTuber. I'm a YouTuber, so I need to edit videos every day. But I don't want to spend much time on it, so I didn't use Adobe. I use some easy software instead, that is HitPaw. It provides more than one way to make some certain edits. And just 3 steps required. So I think it's a good tool. But it would be better to have more features.”

Hayk Haig 2022-03-11

Exactly the video editor you want

“You can make good videos while spending less time editing. I began to useit in 2021, it's a very good investment. It is very stable and easy to use. It is the right one I'm looking for.”

Alex 2022-03-08

Recommended by my friend

“I told my friend that I wanted to share my videos on youtube and that I might need to edit the videos a lot. She recommended me to use a video editor software named HitPaw as it can save a lot of time. Then I tried HitPaw Video Editor later. I didn't expect that editing videos would be so easy. It does help me a loooot. Thanks HitPaw!”

Margarid Voski 2022-03-04



Toros Narek 2022-03-04

Amazing Video Editor!

“HitPaw Video Editor is stable, easy to use and reasonably priced. I am surprised that how many times it saved me when I though it was messed up; but then using HitPaw easily fix my problem, which other programs couldn't do so.”

Sia 2022-02-28


“I love it, as it is a great video editor, it has a lot of visual effects and it is easy to use, it is a great option for video editing. HitPaw is easy and practical as it gives me editing options which are perfect for my videos. Its cost-benefit makes HitPaw one of the best tools for editing videos.”

Ada 2022-02-23

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