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Easy to Use and Get 1-Year Free License to Use It. Really Great.

By David 2020-12-12
“I know this tool from one YouTuber that I and following and download it to have a try. It is good for me as a beginner. Most importantly, it provides the 1-Year free license to all users to use now. It is really great for me. I Hope HitPaw will add more features to this tool. I will look at it. ”

Best and easiest

By Edward 2020-12-03
“Great!!! It's lucky to find this software, I will use it carefully and give your guys feedback! ”

worked perfect

By Hovsep Margarit 2020-11-25
“I have just used Hitpaw toolkit, it's just what I need! I can use all of the functions for free and the watermark is small than many other video editors. ”

The easiest video editing

By Rachel 2020-11-18
“I used Filmora, Movavi, and PR, but they are too heavy and difficult for me to deal with simple video editing and they are really expensive. One day, I found HitPaw Toolkit, which is the video editing tool that I need. Thank you, HitPaw Team. ”


By Armen Nazar 2020-11-18
“I want to cut my video and then add new music to it, but pr is too difficult for a first-time user. Thanks to Hitpaw toolkit, it's so easy, I love it! ”

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