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Enjoying the Video

By Lan 2021-06-18
“This feature of adding music can make me feel more comforted while enjoying the video. ”

Create My Memes

By Žydrūnas Walentyna 2021-06-17
“HitPaw offers many meme templates to users. I can create my own funny memes now. Very nice~ ”

Easily to use

By Erstyie 2021-06-16
“I experience this toolkit very seriously. To be honest, if it is a good choice for editing, it is easy to learn, easy to operate, and easy to use. ”

Simple to use but helpful

By Yeben Hewa 2021-06-10
“If you recorded a video just now and want to cut some parts of it. You can try its "Cut Video" feature. You can choose when to start and end. Very easy and fast. ”

Little home expert

By Limburgish 2021-06-10
“Even Xiaobai can easily complete at home and edit the recorded video. ”

Joyness in life

By Celtic 2021-06-10
“Long videos can be reduced to clear animations, and laugh with friends. ”

Special gif

By Winnifred Nia 2021-06-07
“The video is converted to gif and the quality is very clear, which is great to use. ”

Easy and Useful

By Yating Huan 2021-06-04
“I have recorded two videos and I want to merge them together. I use the HitPaw Toolkit tool to help me. I found it has 12 features. Amazing! Cut video, speed up video, video to gif, add music, and so on. It basically meets my daily needs. Very nice. It's really easy to use with its intuitive UI. Easy and useful~ ”

To Speed Video Can Bring Magic Effect

By Seyyid Eren 2021-06-01
“I have recorded a video and I have used HitPaw Toolkit to speed my video. I found the video became impressive. I said ' Wow oh' at that moment. Hahaha. It's worthy to have a try. ”

Create My exclusive Gif

By Galip Ahmed 2021-06-01
“Emmm, have you remembered some interesting things? I have and I like to record them. But how? I find a way. To record them and convert them to gif. Then you can repeat that funny moment! ”

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