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Reviews of HitPaw Toolkit HitPaw Toolkit for Mac

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Great stop motion tool

By Poghos Hourig 2021-04-30

“I love stop motion videos, but it is not easy to create one with pictures. Here, I found that Hitpaw can help make stop motion with videos, a great design! ”

Resize my video

By Aleksandr Aghavni 2021-04-23

“I need to upload my video to Twitter, but the scale is not suitable. Thus, I search for tools to resize videos to different scales, toolkit gives the best effect. ”

Speeding Up My Video Has Never Been Easier

By Joy Qian 2021-04-22

“I have a habit of recording my life and myself, but I speak slowly all the time. Watching my own video will make me be impatient and waste time. So I choose to speed up the video. For me, this video is enough and easy to use. ”

Faassst to Convert Video to GIF

By Joy Zhou 2021-04-08

“I think gif format is more fun than the photos and video sometiomes. I always feel happy in view of the gif. This tool helps me make a simple gif with 4steps and I can adjust the gif's start and end time, the resolution, and the fluency of it. Very nice :) ”

Video to Gif

By Lora 2021-04-02

“Wow, this is a marvelous tool. I can convert my videos to Gif from now on! ”

Crop Watermark by Using HitPaw Toolkit

By Cecilia 2021-03-26

“I crop text with HitPaw Toolkit and my video keeps clean. Nice job. ”

Great Meme Maker!

By Jay 2021-03-17

“I gotta say that were pretty"meme" of young people. They make a lot of funny memes every single day! And I loved to look those memes. I felt happy. Now, I try to make memes by myself using this pretty good tool. It's easy-to-use for new comer. Pretty good! ”

I Like "Add Music"!

By Leila Li 2021-03-11

“I like "Add Music'' tool. Oh, I must say it's really nice and helps me a lot. Actually, I make at least one Vlog every single day and I have to choose one music to add to the video every time. And at this point, I love to use "Add Music" tool at this App. I can add any loved music to video. It's easy to use. ”

An Amazing Experience to Use HitPaw

By Coco Lin 2021-03-10

“It makes you cut videos simple and fast! A very friendly application for beginners, I really like it. ”

The New Update is Great!

By Bedros Rouben 2021-03-10

“Today I found that the software was updated to a new version, I tried and felt that it was much better than ever. Hope you can make your product better and better. ”

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