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Reviews of HitPaw Toolkit HitPaw Toolkit for Mac

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Nice Editor

By Marlowe 2021-09-27

“Looking at the amazing videos created by it, I'm almost crazy for using it. Lately I've used it for almost 3 hours a day! ”

It's even better if you can switch all at once.

By Ratimir Cloe 2021-09-24

“I like the image conversion function, but it would be even better if I could import a large amount of images and convert them all at once~ ”

Great Hitpaw Toolkit

By Frangag Àngela Muirne 2021-09-08

“ I used hitpaw to edit and it came out amazing!! I've been using it for video editing for over a year now, which is amazing. It's super easy to use and i love the updated the new version! It's easy to upload clips and cut and edit them accordingly. Its also super easy to upload the best music. ”

Love Hitpaw

By Theia Thurstan 2021-08-27

“I'm using it to edit my vlogs. It is easy to use and I love hitpaw:) ”


By Miroslava Maja 2021-08-20

“Very nice editor! ”

User-friendly interface

By Teresa Eryn 2021-08-13

“The interface of this tool is relatively clean and user-friendly. There are many ways to modify my pictures that are more striking. ”

Video converter quickly

By Latvian 2021-07-16

“It helps me with MP4 to M4V and it can be done in a few simple steps, really convenient. ”

Imitating funny

By Fantasy 2021-07-16

“You can use this software to send them an imitating happy package on your family’s birthday and have fun together. ”

Funny Everyday

By Xalaxxi 2021-07-09

“I can convert the video which I am interested in into a gif to bring some laughter to my daily life. ”

Little fun at work

By Mhicg 2021-07-02

“You can set your boss photo into a fun and fun little GIF, and you will find the results surprise you。 ”

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