How to Crop Gif via Gif Cropper (Top 5 Tools 2020)

Joshua Hill
Updated on 2021-11-05

GIF has become so common that you can see it everywhere on social media platforms, online posts, comments under the posts, and even the messages. This makes it necessary to have a GIF cropper, as it helps to make your GIF interesting. So in this article, we will sum up 5 efficient GIF croppers to crop GIF.

Part 1. Gif Cropper and Resizer for PC

Have you ever imagined that a video editing tool can be a great GIF cropper? Surprising, right? HitPaw Video Editor is a great video editing tool as well as a GIF cropping tool. Not only can it edit videos, but it can also be a GIF cropper and resizer.

How to Crop a GIF with the GIF Crop Tool - HitPaw Video Editor on PC

  • Step 1: Install HitPaw Video Editor on your PC, and launch the program.
  • Step 2: Click Media > Drag & drop files here, and this will allow you to import your GIF files.
  • drag and drop files
  • Step 3: Drag and drop the GIF files from media to the timeline, and this will allow you to edit.
  • Step 4: Click the crop button above the timeline and you will be able to crop the file to whatever you like. Then click OK to save your changes.
  • crop a gif
  • Step 5: Once done, click the Export button to save it.
  • Note:

    The format exported by HitPaw Video Editor will be MP4, but don't worry, you can convert video format to GIF for completely free in seconds in HitPaw Video to GIF Online.

    These steps apply to Windows. Hopefully, you find it helpful to crop gif.

    Part 2. Best 5 Gif Cropper Online

    If you would rather crop GIF less often and save your patience to install software, can you crop a GIF? Yes! you should try the online GIF crop tool. There are gorgeous online GIF croppers enabling you to crop GIF as easily as possible.

    1. Kapwing

    Kapwing is one of the easiest GIF editors online, providing free online service for video editing, image editing, meme generating, etc. You can crop gif using Kapwing without any problems.

    How to GIF crop with Kapwing?

    • Step 1: go to and click Start Editing in your browser.
    • animated gif cropper
    • Step 2: Upload your GIF to crop.
    • gif crop tool
    • Step 3: Highlight the current GIF in your screen using your mouse, and you will see four dots at the corner of your GIF. Drag and drop the dots to whatever shape you like to crop.
    • crop gif
    • Step 4: After cropping, click the Export Image button on the right. Then the website will do the work for you. Once done, click the download button to save your GIF, or share it.
    •  crop a gif

    If this tool didn’t work for you, don’t worry. There are other tools for you.

    2. Ezgif-animated gif cropper

    Ezgif does great work in cropping GIFs online. As the top image editor, it offers 4 major categories: Video to GIF, GIF Resizer, Optimizer, GIF Maker. So to crop gif on Ezgif would be as easy as pie.

    How to Crop Animated GIF on Ezgif?

    • Step 1: Go to, and choose GIF Resizer if you want to crop GIF.
    • gif crop
    • Step 2: Click Choose File to upload your existed GIFs, or paste your ULR in the field, and click Upload.
    • how to crop a gif
    • Step 3: After uploading, you will be allowed to edit with various tools. Click Crop button on the top, you should see a cropping box on the GIF image, drag and drop the cropping box to crop it.
    • crop gif online
    • Step 4: After cropping, scroll down your screen and click Crop Image.
    • crop animated gif
    • Step 5: Click the Save button at the bottom, and you can save it to your computer.
    • how to crop gif

    3. Gifgifs

    Gifgifs offers you free gif animations with lots of templates, and it is also famous for its ability to edit GIFs and images. If you would like to crop GIF online, then don’t miss it out.

    How to Crop GIF using Gifgifs?

    • 1. Go to in your device, and click GIF Crop from the list on the left.
    • can you crop a gif
    • 2. Click the Upload GIF button to select your GIF to crop.
    •  crop a gif online
    • 3. Hover your mouse on the GIF image, and you will see a cross button, drag your mouse and you can crop the image.
    • crop a gif with ease
    • 4. After once, click the CROP button at the bottom, and the website will do the work for you.
    • crop a gif without difficulties
    • 5. Click Download the Result to download your work.
    • how to crop a gif free

    4. Iloveimg

    Iloveimg is well known of the ability of multi-faceted editing for images, and it won’t change the image quality after editing. So there is no need to worry about your GIF quality after cropping.

    How to Crop A GIF Online using iloveimg?

    • 1. Go to on the website, and you will see 10 buttons aiming in different functions. Click CROP IMAGE if you have to crop GIF.
    • crop a gif online free
    • 2. Click Select Image to upload, or simply drag and drop here.
    • crop a gif easily
    • 3. You will see a cropping box on the GIF image, drag the box edges to crop it with ease.
    • crop gif with tools
    • 4. Once done, click the Crop Image button on the right. And the website will automatically start cropping.
    • crop a gif in simple steps
    • 5. After that, you will see a download button to download your GIF to your computer, or you can also save it to Dropbox or so.
    • how to crop a gif with effective methods

    Voila! Cropping GIF online can’t be easier

    The Bottom Line

    There it is. Hopefully, this article helps in cropping GIFs for you in different methods. No matter you would like to crop GIF on your PC or Mac, or even do it online, you will find the detailed instructions in this article. And we also introduce the best online GIF croppers as well as an all-in-one tool - HitPaw Video Editor.

    People Also Ask on Gif Cropper

    How to crop a gif in photoshop?

    To crop a GIF in Photoshop, you should first import the footage for gif files, and then use the crop tool from the toolbar to crop gif, and you can also try Image > Image Size to resize it.

    How to crop a gif in gimp?

    To crop a GIF on GIMP, follow these steps: 1. Select your GIF to import to GIMP; 2. Select the cropping tool provided by GIMP, or you can try Shift + C to bring it up; 3. Then you can start cropping to the shape you like; 4. After that, press the Enter key to save your changes.

    How to crop gif into circle?

    Cropping GIF into whatever shape depends on the tool that you are using. If you would like to crop gif into a circle, then you can try the tool that provides such features, like IMAGE ONLINE.CO, or Wondershare Filmora 9 Mask Features.

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GIF cropping has been very common and popular. People use animated gif to share online, to comment under posts, so there is a need to GIF cropper. This article will show you 5 efficient ways on how to crop gif, using the best gif crop tool.