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How to Use HitPaw Toolkit Photo Editor

Want to edit an image in a simple way? HitPaw Toolkit photo editor gives the best solution, check now.

  • Step 1: Download and Install

    To get started, you need to download and install the software first. Then, on the home screen, click on the image icon to select Photo Editor.

    hitpaw toolkit photo editor
  • Step 2: Import Your Image

    Import the image you want to edit to the software. If the image is not the right one, just click on the Replace Image button on the top left to change to edit another image.

    hitpaw toolkit photo editor
  • Step 3: Edit Image

    There are three options you can select on the top menu bar: Crop, Text and Adjust.

    hitpaw toolkit photo editor

    • Crop: Select this option, you can rotate the image to any direction you want. And also change the scale of the image to fit any social media. If you are not satisfied with the effect, you can click on Reset to edit again.
    • Text: In this option, you can text to anywhere you want on an image. You can select the type of font, outline, shadow, background, row height and layers. If you want to delete the text you added, just click on the trash icon.
    • Adjust: In this option, you can choose to adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast of an image. You can also click the Reset button to undo the editing.
  • Step 4: Export and Save

    Finally, check if the edited image is OK, then click on the Export button on the top right to save the image.

    hitpaw toolkit photo editor

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