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How to Speed Up a Video or Slow Down

No time to watch the video and want to speed up it? Or want to get a video with a different speed? Using HitPaw Toolkit can help you do it in only 5 steps.

  • Step 1. Download and Launch HitPaw

    Download HitPaw Toolkit from Run it on your computer.

    hitpaw toolkit home interface
  • Step 2. Upload the Video

    Click “Speed” on the main interface. Then, drag and drop your video to HitPaw Toolkit to prepare for changing its speed.

    upload video on hitpaw toolkit speed page
  • Step 3. Adjust Speed

    Click on the “Play” button to preview this video. Then, navigate to the right side, drag the “Speed” button, or select “X 0.5”, “X 1.25”, “X 1.5”, “X 2”, “X 4”, “X 8” based on your needs.

    adjust speed on hitpaw toolkit speed
  • Step 4. Export the Video

    Click “Play” button again to preview before exporting. If you are satisfied with it. Then, click “Export” to save the updated speed video.

    export the video on hitpaw toolkit speed page

    You can find the exported video on your computer. Play or use it according to your requirement.

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