HitPaw Screen Recorder User Guide

Want to learn how to record lecture with HitPaw Screen Recorder? Read this guide to find the detailed steps with pictures.

How to Record Lecture with HitPaw Screen Recorder

If you are looking for the best way to record lectures, HitPaw Screen Recorder is definitely the best choice for you. Want to learn how to record lecture with HitPaw Screen Recorder? Read this guide to find the detailed steps with pictures.

Step 1: Download and Install

Download HitPaw Screen Recorder first, install it on your computer and then launch the software.

Step 2: Select the “Lecture”

Select the “lecture” from the main interface and you will go to the screen interface automatically.

select lecture

Step 3: Ready to Record

  • There are many wonderful templates here for you to use. You can choose to apply the templates to add interest and enhance the teaching effect. Just click the templates on the right side of screen and choose a template you like, then click Use this Template.

  • choose template use template use this template
  • Next, you should add sources. You can add a PowerPoint window, screen, images and texts. Here, we take adding images for example firstly.

  • add image adding image
  • You also can add the webcam and move its placement around. Click Add Source and add the webcam.

  • adding image adding image
  • You can hit the text and type your words. There are some text settings for you. You can change the font style, size, color and other choices.

  • adding text
  • Then, you can add different and multiple pictures if needed when you recording the lecture. Just click the “+” button at the bottom of the screen and add pictures again. To recorder different images, you have to manually click to switch to the next image yourself.

  • add multiple images adding multiple images adding more images
  • In order to make you lecture more interesting and vivid, you can add some texts and stickers. We provide many different styles of texts and stickers. Stickers are also very popular on the Internet nowadays, and we provide you a wide variety of stickers that you can use freely, including 3D_elements, Animal_Emoji, Bullet_journal, and so on. Just click the Stickers button on the right side of screen and add the sticker you like. You can also move its placement.

  • add texts adding stickers
  • There are different styles of backgrounds for you to use, including indoor, outdoor, motion and so on.

  • add backgrounds

Step 4: Start to Record

Click the Start button to record your lecture. During the recording process, you can click the pause button to pause to recording. If you want to finish the recording, just click on the stop button. The camera button at the right side is a quick way to get screenshot, you can have a try if needed.

start to record lecture

Step 5: End Recording and Edit Video

Click the Stop button to end the recording, the software will give you a quick option to trim the recorded video. It's in the bottom right corner of the screen. You can click the play icon to preview and cut the video to the length you need.

end recording lecture

Or you can go to the home interface and click “History” to find your screen video.

fine recording lecture

Still Need Help?

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