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How to Make Stop Motion Video

Curious about how to make a stop motion video? HitPaw Toolkit can help you make one without any hassle. Let's see how to do it.

  • Step 1. Run HitPaw Toolkit

    Prepare your video. Open HitPaw Toolkit directly and you will find the “Stop Motion” option on the home screen, click on it.

    hitpaw toolkit home screen
  • Step 2. Import the Video

    Drag and drop the video to HitPaw Toolkit. Then, play the video to preview it and find where you want to use stop motion on it.

    upload file on hitpaw toolkit stop motion

    Step 3. Select Duration and Fluency

    Drag the slider on the timeline to select that part you want to apply the stop motion feature. Then adjust the fluency on the right side by moving its cursor. You can play it to check if you like it.

    select duration on hitpaw toolkit stop motion
  • Step 4. Export the Video

    Once you are satisfied with it. Click “Export” to export the stop motion video.

    export video on hitpaw toolkit stop motion

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