HitPaw Video Editor User Guide

Learn to save your edited videos for further editing next time and export videos in high quality.

How to Save and Export Video

Just simple clicks to save & export your ready video. Learn from this guide now.

1. Save Project

When you are not finished editing but have to exit the program, you need to save your edited video as a project file whose name is ended by HVE so that you can continue editing next time.

Or you may also need to save your video as a project file if you have finished editing but maybe you still need to optimize it next time.

There are 3 methods for you to save the project file:

  • Click File in the top menu bar, select Save or Save As, and select the save path and edit the file name in the pop-up window to save the file.
  • You can use the shortcut keys Ctrl+S or Ctrl+Shift+S to save the file.
  • If you forget to save, a pop-up window will also remind you to save the file when you exit editing.

Note: HitPaw Video Editor only save the project file based on the name of the project file and its saving location. Therefore, we won’t save your original video, audio and image. If the source file is deleted or the saving path is changed, opening the project file is not possible to restore it completely. However, this does not mean that it is completely impossible for you to retrieve your video. You can purchase the premiere version, right click on the lost video and select Find Back in the program.

2. Export Video

Satisfied with your video now? Just a single step to export your successfully video file and release it to a social media. Click “Export” to save the created video. Before clicking “Save”, you can change its name, destination, format, resolution and frame rate at the pop up window. A few seconds later, you can share your videos to your friends or social media, etc.

export video

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