HitPaw Video Editor User Guide

Learn how to use all features of HitPaw Video Editor now. With it, making a fantastic video is with great facility.

How to Edit Video with HitPaw Video Editor

HitPaw Video Editor allows you to upload videos, audio files, images, GIFs. Besides, HitPaw also provides Stock Media for you to importing trendy videos, images, stickers and GIFs to your video. By simply searching with keywords, you can precisely find the right materials you like.

Its Stock Media Library is powered by:

  • Unsplash
  • Pixabay
hitpaw stock media library

1. Editing Videos

Want to edit your videos? Follow the below detailed guide.

Add Video to the Track

Click to select the video, right-click to choose “Add to New Track” or just drag the video to the main track at the timeline.

add video to the track

Delete the Video

Add the video you do not want? Click on the added video, right-click to choose “Delete” or click on the “Delete” button at the quick toolbar to delete it.

delete the video

Preview the Video

Click on the “Play” button on the preview windows to see the video content you are editing. Or you can enable the “Preview Line” to view or target the place you want to find. 

preview the video

Split the Video

Delete one part in the video is easy to achieve via splitting. Just go to drag the playhead to the start point of the unwanted part, then, click on the “Split” icon at the quick toolbar. Now head to find its end point, click on “Split” again. Select the unwanted part, click on the “Delete” button to delete it.

split video

Tips: If you only want to trim from the beginning or the end of the video, you can click on the video at the timeline, drag the start edge or the end of the video clip forward or backward to remove the unwanted part. 

Change Video Speed

HitPaw Video Editor provides both uniform speed and speed ramping features, whose speed controller can help you slow down or speed up the video as required with several steps.

1. Uniform Speed

To adjust video at a uniform speed, you only need to click the video on the timeline to select it. Click “Speed” icon at the quick toolbar. In the pop up window, you can drag the slider or set the video duration to change the speed.

change video speed

2. Speed Ramping

In term of making a speed ramp on video, you can click on the “Speed” icon again, and then customize the speed on the right side of the preview box. It also provides several free templates for speed ramping.

speed ramp


  • When you customize the speed, you can add as many time nodes as you want.
  • You can make custom changes to the speed on the templates.

Crop the Video

The video contains some area you do not need? Click on the “Crop” icon at the quick toolbar after choosing the video at the timeline. Drag the selection to keep the part you need or you can change the Aspect Ratio to set the selection size, then, move it to select the part you need. Play to check if you are satisfied with the result. Click “OK” to crop the video.

crop the video

Freeze Frame

Freeze frame is used to stop the action and frame in the video. It also means that the motion video is converted to stillness for a certain period of time due to freeze frame. If you want to make a movie or some creative videos, freeze frame is a great feature to use.

Just click on the “Snowflake” icon on the quick toolbar, then the freeze frame is made. Or you can right-click on the clip in timeline to choose “Add freeze frame”.

freeze frame video

Pan & Zoom the Video

Pan & Zoom feature can easily to make professional-looking camera movement and produce stable film. Find Pan & Zoom feature in “Crop” icon at the quick bar upper the timeline as well. Select "Pan & Zoom" option at the top of the pop-up window, and then select the start and end positions. And then you can preview the effect by clicking the play icon below. If you’re satisfied, Click “OK” button.

pan and zoom the video

Rotate the Video

Rotate the video directly via entering the angle you prefer. You can also move your mouse on the circle rotate icon to click on the angle you want it to rotate or just move your cursor to the big yellow circle of the line on the preview window, then, drag to the angle you want to rotate. 

rotate the video

Mirror the Video

 When your video at the timeline is selected, you can find the mirror options: flip horizontal or flip vertical at the right-top properties part. Click on the flip horizontal of flip vertical to mirror your video. 

mirror the video

Zoom the Video

If you do not want the video occupy the whole canva or want to play only one part, you can zoom in or zoom out the video via dragging the slider under “Zoom”. 

zoom the video

Change the Video Opacity

The video is 100% opacity by default. But if you want to adjust the opacity and show the media or the background behind the video, just go to drag the slider to change the opacity to achieve it.

video opacity

Video Stabilization

In handheld or action footage, the picture will inevitably jitter, but in post-production we can keep it stabler with the help of video stabilization feature, which can eliminate unwanted camera movement in your video clips. To make a more obvious and effective video stabilization effect, you need to use HitPaw Video Editor, with a built-in video stabilizer tool, to make your video smoother and more professional with one-click.  

video stablization software


  • Upload your video, and find Stablization in Properties Windows, and then enable it.
  • The default is 50% smooth level, but you can also increase it to 75% or 100%.

Tips: Higher smooth level makes the pictures stabler, but causing larger pictures cropping range.

Change the Video Background

Sometimes, your video cannot be 100% cover the background. For this case, you may want to have one beautiful background. HitPaw Video Editor can help you change the background without effort. Just make sure the video at the timeline is selected. Navigate to the view window, scroll down and you will find the background option. Select “Guassian Blur” “Color” or “Image” to change the background to the color or image as you request.  

change the video background

We also provide a color picker function to help you quickly choose the proper background by clicking and dragging your cursor. Drop down to select “Color” in the Background option. Click on the colorful box to customize the color of the background, then you can find the color picker on the right side of Basic Color, click on it, and then move the mouse to the color you want on the screen. The color you choose will also leave a history on this program for the next time you use it again.

color picker

Create Picture in Picture

To create a picture in picture video, you can add one video at the main track, then, drag another one video that you want to set as the smaller video to one new track, go to the preview window, drag the corner of the video to adjust the size and move it to the place you want to put it. Now, you can play to check whether it is what you need. 

picture in picture

In order to move your video to the position you want, we provide the function of auxiliary lines. Whenever you move your video to the middle or the border of the video, it will trigger the auxiliary line to remind you. If you don’t need the auxiliary lines anymore, you can also close the auxiliary line feature by clicking on the icon to the left of the full screen icon in the preview box.

auxiliary lines

2. Editing Audios

HitPaw Video Editor can also make professional edits on your audio. Here is the guide below.

Add Background Music to Video

Add background music to a video can help you make stunning videos. You only need to add the video to the main track firstly, drag the audio from the media, your computer or audio library to the track below the main video track, then, play to listen whether it is what you need. 

music background

Delete Audio

If you find your audio was added by accident, you can click on the audio track, right-click to select the “Delete” or click on the “Delete” icon at the quick toolbar to delete this audio.  

delete audio

Mute Video

When your video is with audio that you do not want, you can mute the audio directly via clicking the audio icon at the start of the video track to disable it.

mute video

Extract Audio from Video

Detach audio from video can succeed to do it via click on the video, right-click to select the “Detach Audio”, and you will find the audio and video will be separated and in two tracks. 

extract audio

Split Audio

The audio is too long or only need one part of this audio? Use the split to delete the part you do not want. Drag the playhead to target the start of the unnecessary part, click on the “Split” at the quick toolbar, drag the playhead to find the end of the unnecessary part, click the “Split” again, then, select the part to delete it.  

split video

If you only need to delete the part from the start or the end of the audio, you can drag the edge of the beginning or end to do it. 

Change Audio Speed

Select the audio at the timeline, click on the “Speed” icon, drag the dot or change the audio duration to slow down or speed up the audio, click on the “OK” button to save it. 

change audio speed

Change Audio Volume

You can make your audio louder or quieter by dragging the slider forward or backward.

change audio volume

Fade in Or Fade Out

Just go to click the audio to keep it in the selected status at the timeline, then, you will find the “Fade in” and “Fade Out” button at the right-top window, drag the slider to make it fade in/out. 

fade in or out

3. Editing Images

Images and GIFs are supported to upload to this program, so editing your images and GIF is possible here.

Add Image to Track

Go to the media library, click on the image, right-click to select “Add to New Track” or drag the image to add it to the timeline. 

add image

Delete Image

Select the image at the timeline, click on the “Delete” icon or right click to select “Delete” button to delete the image.

delete image

Zoom the Image

You can easily find the zoom setting after you select the image. Just drag it to adjust the image or you can drag the corner of the image in the preview window to zoom in or out. 

zoom the image

Change the Opacity of the Image

In some cases, you need to change the opacity of the image, just drag the slider under “Opacity” at the right top window to change the opacity after select the image at the timeline.

change the image

Rotate the Image

There are three ways to rotate the image: Before choosing one method, you need to click to select the image in order to find all options. 

Way 1. Click in the circle dot under “Rotate” to change the direction of the image. 

Way 2. Enter the accurate number of how you want to rotate it.

Way 3. Find the yellow dot at the preview window, move your cursor to the bigger yellow dot, long press to drag it and change the direction.

rotate the image

Mirror the Image

Mirror function is also at the right-top window, you can click on the flip horizontal or flip vertical to mirror it successfully. 

mirror the image

Change the Image Position

As all image editing functions, you need to keep the image in the selected status, then, move your cursor to the preview window and long-press on the image to move it to the place you want. 

change image position

Change the Image Duration

When you add the image to the timeline, it will have the default duration. But what if you want to have this image appear longer or shorter? The only thing you need to do is to change its duration. You can drag the edge of the image to the length you need. This is super easy.

change the image

Adjust the Image

You can find the brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpen, highlight, shadow, temperature, tone options after clicking “Adjust”, just drag the slider to adjust your image. 

adjust the image

4. Adding Texts

HitPaw Video Editor provides a lot of text effects to help you get more attention for your videos. Just check the below steps and you will know how easy it is to use.

Add Text Effect

Click on the “Text”, you will find a lot of “Texts” effects are available. Click one text effect, you can preview the text on the preview window. Want to add a text effect to your video? Drag one text to the timeline. Or just drag it to the video in the preview window. 

adding text

Edit Text Effect

Select the text on the timeline and you will find the text editor at the right top window, you can input the text, change the text color, font size, character space, line space, opacity, background color, text border size and rotate the text. 

If you want to change the duration of the text playing, you can drag its edge to make it longer or shorter. Also, you can move or drag the corner of text on the preview window to change the text size and place. 

edit text effect

Remove Text Effect

If you add the wrong text effect or just do not need it, you can click it, then, click the “Delete” icon at the quick toolbar, or right click to select the “delete” icon to get rid of it.  

remove text effect

5. Adding Stickers

To make your video much more funny, stickers are necessary elements. HitPaw Video Editor provides hundreds of interesting and popular stickers to make your videos more eye-catching.

Add Sticker

It is easy to find the stickers you may like via clicking “Stickers”. Drag the sticker to one new track to add the sticker to the video. 

adding stickers

Edit Sticker

  • Change the sticker duration via dragging its edge at the timeline.
  • Adjust the size via dragging the corner at the preview window or drag the slider under the “Zoom” option.
  • Change position with long-press to move or rotate the yellow dot at the preview or enter the actual X and Y position at the view window. 
  • Adjust the direction of the sticker via dragging the lever, clicking on the circle dot at the rotate function line, or input the actual direction to rotate.
  • Mirror the sticker via flipping horizontal or vertical.
  • Change the opacity via dragging slider below the “Opacity”.
edit sticker

Delete Sticker

Want to delete the sticker? Select it via clicking at the timeline, then, click the “Delete” button to remove it, or you can right-click on the sticker to choose “Delete” to erase. 

delete sticker

6. Adding Transitions

Transitions will be a great way to make the scene transition in your video more fluently. Just follow the below guide to learn how to add transitions to your videos.

Add Transitions

Navigate to “Transition”, find the transition effect, click to check whether it is what you need, drag the one you want to the place you want to have one transition. Now you can have transitions between you video clips. If you want to have transition in one video, you can split the video firtsly, then, add the transitions.  

adding transitions

Edit Transitions

The transition will have the default length after you add it between your videos, images, gifs. You are also allowed to change it via dragging its edge or input the duration you need at the right top window. 

edit transitions

Delete Transitions

If these transitions you already added are not what you need, you can select it, click the “Delete” or tap “Delete on your keyboard ” to remove. 

delete transitions

7. Adding Filters

To beautify your videos, filters are one of the crucial effects you need. HitPaw Video Editor offers 100+ popular filters for free.

Add Filters

There are two ways to add filters to your media files.  

Way 1. Click the “Filters” to check all filter effects available, drag the one you need to the video, picture, or gifs on the main video to apply the effect to the entire video clip. 

Way 2. Drag the filter to one new track and it will apply to the media in the main track. 

adding filters

Edit Filters

You are permitted to drag the edge to decide how long the filter will apply. And also, you can click to select the filter, drag the slider on the view window to adjust the opacity of the filters.  

edit filters

Delete Filters

There is a method to delete the filters based on how you add the filters.   

Case: If you drag the filter to the main video track to apply directly, you can click to select the media with filters, check the right-top window, select “Filter” in the “View” tab, click on the “Delete” icon to erase the unwanted filter.

delete filters

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