HitPaw User Guide

HitPaw Toolkit helps you cut, crop & rotate, adjust, add music to videos, convert video to GIF, set video speed, make stop motion videos, and create meme.

How to Cut Video with HitPaw Toolkit

Want to extract the perfect moments from your videos? Cut the video with HitPaw Toolkit can be as easy as you can imagine. Here is the guide.

    Step 1. Launch HitPaw Toolkit

    Launch HitPaw Toolkit after installation, choose “Cut Video” at the home screen.
    hitpaw toolkit home screen

    Step 2. Import Video to HitPaw

    Drag and drop in your video to the software.
    hitpaw toolkit cut video

    Step 3. Cut Video

    Drag the yellow column at two sides of the timeline to cut these parts you do not need. Or you can use edit the time directly at the right top side.
    hitpaw toolkit dag the timeline

    Step 4. Replace Video If You Need

    If you choose the wrong video or want to edit another video after exporting the finished one, you can click “Replace Video” to change to another one video.
    hitpaw toolkit replace the video

    Step 5. Preview the Video

    Drag the cursor to the start time and click the "Play" button to preview once you finished cutting the video.
    hitpaw toolkit preview the video

    Step 6. Save The Video

    Select the destination you want to store the cut video.
    hitpaw toolkit save the video

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