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How to Edit Video to GIF with HitPaw Toolkit

Videos always occupy lots of storage on your mobile devices or computers. Sometimes you may just want to share a part of the whole video, how to do that?

The best choice is to edit your video to a short GIF, here we will teach you how to convert video to GIF files with HitPaw Toolkit step by step.

  • Step 1: Download and Install

    To use the HitPaw Toolkit video editor, you need to go to their official website and download the free software first.

    As the software is completely free, you only need to enter your email address, then the download will be available.

  • Step 2: Import Your Video

    After installing HitPaw Toolkit on your computer, it’s time to select Video to GIF feature and import the video you want to edit.

    convert video to gif

    Then you can start to select the part you want to edit to GIF. There are also two options, now check to the next step.

    import video
  • Step 3: Select Time

    There are two ways to achieve this step, you can simply drag and drop the video to HitPaw, or click on the main function windows to select and input your video.

    • The first way is to drag the slider, you can drag the front slider and rear slider to select the specific time area.

      move slider to select time
    • You can also manually adjust the time by inputting the start time and end time from the time option on the upper right corner of HitPaw’s interface.

      set time


    • You can click the Replace video button to change to use another video.
    • You can select the suitable resolution from the resolution option, there are 4 different resolutions for you to choose from: the original, 640p, 480P, and 240P.
    • You can slide the arrow icon to adjust the fluency of the GIF.
  • Step 4: Preview and Export

    At last, you only need to click the play button to preview the GIF, then click the Next button.

    click next

    There will be a pop-up window, you can check the GIF again and select the quality which is default to Medium option.

    click confirm

    Click Confirm, then you have finished all the process to edit a video to GIF file.

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