HitPaw User Guide

HitPaw Toolkit helps you cut, crop & rotate, adjust, add music to videos, convert video to GIF, set video speed, make stop motion videos, and create meme.

Get Started

If you come to HitPaw Toolkit but do not know how to get started with it. Here is the best place for you.

    System Requirements

    Before getting started with HitPaw, you need to check what system requirements HitPaw needs.
    System requirements: Support Windows10/Windows 8/Windows 7(64 bits).
    Resolution: 768px, 1080px, 2K, 4K, 5K.

    Download & Installation

    1. Click The “Download” button on HitPaw official website or download directly via the below button.

    2. The downloaded file will be at the left side corner of your browser. Click “^”, choose “Open” to open the file.
    3. Installation windows will pop-up. Language is selected according to your system language, you can change it based on your needs. Choose "I accept the agreement" to continue. The destination path will be set as “C:\Program Files (x86)\HitPaw Toolkit” by default. Click “Browse” to switch to any places you want to save the file.

      HitPaw Toolkit Guide-change path
    4. Click “Install” to start the installation process.

      HitPaw Toolkit-click install
    5. Once the process is finished. Click “Finish” to finish installing HitPaw Toolkit.

      finish installing hitpaw toolkit

    Registration & Activation

    1. After installation, launch the program, click the setting menu at the right side corner to find “Register”, choose it. Registration windows will appear.
      click register on HitPaw Toolkit
    2. If you already bought the license from HitPaw's official website, you can copy and paste the license email and registration code you received to registration windows to activate it directly. If you did not buy the license, go to buy the license firstly.
      hitpaw toolkit registration windows
    3. Click the “Register” button once you are sure all license email and code are correct. You will get a registration success notification once it is registered.
      hitpaw toolkit click register button


    1. Find the program desktop icon. Right-click and select “Open File Location”.
      hitpaw toolkit open file location
    2. Find “unins000” and double click it. “Are you sure you want to completely remove HitPaw and all of its components?”. Choose “Yes”.
      hitpaw toolkit find uns000
    3. It will start to delete all files from HitPaw. A few seconds later, you will get a windows “HitPaw was successfully removed from your computer.
      hitpaw toolkit uninstall success

    Features Introduction

    After launching the program, you will be at the main interface of HitPaw. There are 7 features you can choose from.
    1. Cut video
    For the cutting video part, you can cut those moments that you do not need at the timeline.
    hitpaw toolkit cut video
    2. Crop & Rotate
    In this section, you can crop the video with different sizes: 1:1, 4:3, 9:16, 3:4, 16:9, or customize it on your own.
    hitpaw toolkit
    3. Adjust
    Adjust feature allows you to change video brightness, saturation, contrast, transparency.
    hitpaw toolkit adjust
    4. Video to Gif
    Using the video to Gif feature, you can get gif pictures out of the video directly.
    hitpaw toolkit video to gif
    5. Stop Motion
    Stop motion allows you to create a great video with pictures.
    hitpaw toolkit stop motion
    6. Add Music
    Most of the videos on social media are with music. With HitPaw add music feature, you can add music to perfect your video moments.
    hitpaw toolkit add music
    7. Speed
    Speed lets you speed up or slow down to play the video.
    hitpaw toolkit speed

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