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How Do I Convert WebM to MP4? (Solved!)

Joshua Hill
Updated on 2021-10-21

WebM and MP4 are two of the most common media file formats. However, in most cases, you need your files to be in MP4 to easily access them. In this article, we’ll acknowledge you about the best file converter that you can use to convert your media files from WebM to MP4.

Honestly, there are countless tools that you can use to do this and it can be difficult to conclude with the best one. However, you don’t need to worry! We’ve gone through some of the most popular file converters and handpicked two of the best paid as well as free tools that you can use to convert your media files from WebM to MP4. With that said, let’s get straight into the article!

Part 1. WebM to MP4

Before converting your files from WebM to MP4, you first need to understand the two terms and the main difference between these file formats. For starters, WebM is a video format that consists of VP8 video and Vorbis audio. WebM provides open video compressions for HTML5 videos and several popular web browsers support this format as part of HTML5 video delivery.

On the other hand, MP4, also called MPEG4, is a more common video format used majorly to store audio and video data. Moreover, MP4 formats can also store subtitles and images. MP4 videos are also popularly shared over the internet. On comparison, MP4 files are more accessible than WebM videos. These videos are more secure, easy to store and handle, and can be conveniently shared on the internet.

 how to convert webm to mp4 – webm to mp4

Part 2. The High Recommended Way to Convert WebM to MP4

If you want to convert WebM file to MP4, you must ensure that you do so in the best and most convenient method possible. Using a mediocre tool or software for this process could result in serious data loss during the conversion. For this reason, you are highly suggested to use HitPaw Toolkit Video Converter. The HitPaw Toolkit Video Converter supports multiple convertible formats including MP4 and WebM. Furthermore, HitPaw Video Toolkit isn’t just a video converter and it can help you with numerous other tasks as well including video cropping, resizing, trimming, merging, and more!

By using HitPaw Toolkit Video Converter, you are assured high quality conversion with absolutely no data loss. The steps below illustrate how you can convert your videos from WebM to Mp4 using HitPaw Toolkit Video Converter.

  1. To begin with, you need to download and install the HitPaw Video Toolkit on your computer. To do so, simply hit the download link below and the download will begin.

  2. Once the download is successful, tap on the download file and hit ‘Install’ to install the software on your computer. Afterward, launch the software by double tapping the software icon from your desktop. From the home page, select ‘Video Converter’.

    change webm to mp4 – HitPaw Toolkit video converter
  3. Next, select the ‘Add Files’ option. Locate and select the video that needs to be converted to import it into HitPaw Toolkit Video Converter. You can also import multiple videos at a time.

     HitPaw Toolkit converts webm file to mp4 – add files
  4. Select the ‘Settings’ option corresponding to the imported video. From the list of the several available formats, select ‘MP4’ and also chose the type of quality in which you want the converted video to exist.

     webm file to mp4 – HitPaw Toolkit convert settings
  5. Hit ‘Convert All’ from the bottom-right corner. Wait for the conversion to finish. Afterward, to view the converted file, go to ‘Converted’ and select ‘Show in Folder’ for the converted file to view its location.

     webm format to mp4 – HitPaw Toolkit  convert finish

Part 3. The Free Method to Convert WebM File to MP4

The second best method to change webm to mp4 is with the help of HitPaw Online Video Converter. If you want to convert your video file without having to download any software or tool, then this method is ideal for you! HitPaw Online Video Converter is a web-based tool with multiple uses like video cutting, cropping, trimming, watermarking, file conversions, and more! Popularly known for its highly intuitive user interface, HitPaw Online Video Converter proves to be the perfect tool to fulfill all your video editing needs.

With that said, let’s take a look at how you can convert your videos from WebM to MP4 using HitPaw Online Video Converter.

  1. Firstly, you need to open the HitPaw Free Online Video Editor from your browser.

    webm video to mp4 – hitpaw free online video editor
  2. Press ‘Choose File’ and locate the video file that you need to convert. Double tap the video file to import it into HitPaw Online Video Editor.
  3. Next, Select ‘Convert’ and you will find all formats you can choose.

     hitpaw free online video editor converts webm to mp4
  4. From the list of available formats, select ‘MP4’ and hit ‘Save’. After the conversion is complete, select ‘Download’ to save the new video file to your computer.

      hitpaw free online video editor changes webm to mp4

Part 4. HitPaw Toolkit VS HitPaw Online Video Converter

So what is the more preferable option from the two methods stated above? The table below contains of fair comparison of the two to help you decide.

HitPaw Toolkit HitPaw Online Video Converter
Can be purchased for 1 Month at $8.99, 1 Quarter for $14.99, or 1 Year at $19.99 It is absolutely free to use
Offers many more formats for video conversion Supported formats are limited
Offers a variety of different conversion qualities from 480P to 4K You can’t choose the conversion quality for the video
Supports all videos Supports videos lower than 100MB
Supports to convert videos into any video or audio formats in one time Only supports to convert to limited video formats one by one.

Part 5: The Fastest and Easiest Way to Convert WebM to MP4

HitPaw Video Editor can add videos with various formats and produce mp4 videos easily. So, converting WebM to MP4 can easily done in seconds in HitPaw Video Editor. Follow the steps below. Moreover, it provides comprehensive features of video editing to meet your different needs, so you can perfect your video easily using it if you need.

  • Step 1: Download the software first.

  • Step 2: Import your WebM video into the program and drag it to the timeline.

    drag to the timeline
  • Step 3: If you just want to convert the format, then you can directly click on the Export button to get your MP4 video.

    convert webm to mp4

Final Thought

To conclude, the process of converting video files from WebM to MP4 is rather simple if you choose the right tool to do so. After going through the numerous features that HitPaw Toolkit Video Converter, the software can easily be classified as an ideal video converter tool. You will certainly not get disappointed while using HitPaw Video Toolkit for this purpose. If you want the fastest solution, HitPaw Video Editor has proved to be the best choice.

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