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Mp3 vs Mp4: What is the Difference, and Which Has Better Music Quality?

Joshua Hill
Updated on 2020-09-27
Is an MP4 document better than an MP3? Would it be a good idea for you to quit utilizing MP3s? Let's take you to a ride of audio and provide you with insights about its formats. Hang in there to know the difference of Mp3 vs Mp4 and decide which one is better!

Mp3 vs Mp4

Definition of Mp3

MP3 is a short-structure for MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3. It was created to give us an approach to store sound data in a computerized structure, yet with a smaller record size than the configuration utilized by CDs at that point.
MP3s do this utilizing a mental trick: They start by taking a unique, uncompressed computerized sound document (like a track on a CD), and afterward, they specifically expel pieces of information in a way that the human ear would probably not going to notice.
This is done via a procedure known as "lossy compression."

Definition of Mp4

MP4 is a short form for MPEG-4 Part 14. In contrast to the MP3, which is solely utilized for sound, an MP4 is a compartment document that can be utilized to store sound, video, or other information like captions.
This makes it somewhat dubious to know precisely what an MP4 is. In the event that you discover a file named "Friction.mp4", you would wonder it the film friction, or is it the signature melody from the film? Or is it something different?
To help lessen the disarray, Apple chose to begin utilizing the .m4a record expansion for MP4 documents that just contain audio, while .m4v is some of the time used to demonstrate that it is a video.

What is the Difference Between Mp3 and Mp4?

Since now you know you about both compression formats, the contrast between MP3 and MP4 would be a little clearer. In any case, how about we take all factors that differentiate them from one another and discuss them side by side.
  • Mp3 was released in 1994; however, Mp4 was released in 2004.
  • Mp3 was developed by a group of engineers from IRT, Fraunhofer Society, and Phillips. Mp4 was developed by ISO.
  • MP3 is an audio coding format, but MP4 can contain audio, images, text, and video.
  • Virtually any music player these days can peruse MP3 documents; however, not all players support MP4 records. It's only iPods, and iPhones support MP4 files.
  • MP3 records can occupy next to no room. MP4 records require more space, and the pressure techniques are progressively complex.
  • MP3 pressure prompts lower sound quality. On the other hand, MP4 packs documents "losslessly," which means the subsequent sound quality will be greatly improved.
  • Mp3 uses a lossy compression algorithm. However, Mp4 uses AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) and AVC (Advanced Video Coding) technology.
  • Mp3 It is an extension of MP2.  Mp4 is an extension of Apple's QuickTime technology.
  • The document expansion for MP3 records is .mp3. In the event of MP4 records, there can be an assortment of document augmentations. For instance; .mp4a, .mp4v and so on.
  • MP3 players allow you to play songs, listen to radio, record or replay recordings along with some LCD color effects. On the flip side, Mp4 players have a 65000 0r 256000 color display that allows you to replay audio, video, pictures, recordings, web browsing, and instant messaging.

Mp3 vs. Mp4 Which Has Better Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, Mp4 is definitely better. However, while opting for Mp4, you will have to compromise on space. On the other hand, Mp3 doesn't have a space issue. The sound quality, although it is not as good as Mp4, it is still better and enjoyable.
  1. Mp4 is the one to go for better audio quality, while Mp3 has  smaller file sizes.
  2. If you want to save more space and deal with a little worse quality, go with Mp3.
  3. If you don't care about space and just want quality, go for Mp4. 
  4. However, keep in mind that Mp3 is also more compatible with a lot more devices than Mp4.
  5. Mp4 is only supported by iPods and iPhones. Mp3 files is supported by more or less every music player.
  6. Note that Mp3 completely removes unnoticeable chunks from the audio file. You might not feel it, but you won't be listening to the original piece.
  7. Mp4 uses advanced audio and video coding, providing you access to the original and better sound quality.

Can Mp3 Players Play Mp4?

You can't play Mp4s on a player that only handles Mp3s, so you'll have to get your tracks into Mp3 format. Mp3 is a specific category of the audio format, while Mp4 is actually a container format.

How Can I Convert Mp4 to Mp3 Fast

There are a lot of online converters available to quickly convert your Mp4 files into Mp3 formats.
HitPaw Video Converter is one of such converters which provide fast file format conversion. It is a young and passionate team of imaginative geeks that enables and smoothens the process of editing, converting, or sharing a video.
To convert your Mp4 file into Mp3, follow the following steps on HitPaw Video Converter.
  1. Navigate to HitPaw Video Converter, download the software and install it on your computer.

  2. Select and upload the files you want to convert.

    convert mp4 to mp3
  3. Click settings to choose your output format.

    convert mp4 video to mp3
  4. Begin the conversion.
  5. Download your new MP3.

What is the Difference Between Mp5 vs. Mp3 vs. Mp4

A .mp5 file is most commonly a digital video file in the H. 264/MPEG-4 AVC format, specifically encoded for Mp5 PMP devices.
Mp4 is a "container" standard for a file with all kinds of media streams (like Mp3 for audio, H264 for video, subtitles, etc.)
Mp3 stands for "MPEG 1 – Audio Layer 3" and is a compression scheme for audio. The stream can live 'inside' another file (like a "mov") or be a file format on its own.
Also, Mp5 players are devices that work digitally to play audio and video and are updated versions of Mp3s and Mp4s. Moreover, the screen is usually larger than the Mp3 and Mp4 players, providing the user with the better video quality.


Both Mp3 and Mp4 have good sound quality. However, Mp4 is better off in terms of the originality and its ACC technology. Mp3 serves best in terms of space and storage. You can easily convert your Mp3s into Mp4 and Mp4s into Mp3 file format using online audio converters. HitPaw Video Converter in one of the best converters available online.
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Is Mp4 better than Mp3? If I want to listen to music, which one should I choose? Read this post to learn everything about Mp3 vs Mp4, which one is better, and how to convert them