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Updated on 2022-01-12

MPEG is one of the most popular video formats so far, and sometimes it is still necessary to convert MPEG videos to other file formats, such as MP4. If you are also looking for a method to convert MPEG to MP4, then go no further. In this article, you will learn the difference between MPEG and MP4, and how to convert MPEG to MP4 with the 5 best video converters.

Part 1: MPEG VS MP4: What is the Difference Between MPEG and MP4?

MPEG standing for Moving Picture Experts Group, is sort of a video codec, which can be a compression method. MPEG has several formats, including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-7, MPEG-21.

While MP4 (compressed using MPEG-4), with mp4 file extension, is a video format that contains video and audio data. Because MPEG-4 can store data like images, audio, video, and text, MP4 has been the most common video format.

So what is the difference between MPEG and MP4? to simply put, MPEG is highly compatible with tremendous programs, such as VLC, Quick Time, iTunes, etc. And it has been considered as the most flexible and efficient compression method. As for MP4, it is well known as the most popular video format, the videos with mp4 extension can be opened in lots of mobile devices. This makes it necessary to convert MPEG to MP4, especially when you need to play the video quite often in mobile devices.

 difference between mpeg and mp4

Part 2. How to Convert MPEG to MP4 Free Offline

To convert MPEG to MP4, you will need a video converter MPEG to MP4. HitPaw Video Converter can be your great choice as it supports convert videos to more than 1,000 formats, and it features easy-to-use functions that can convert videos very fast. More importantly, there is no watermark upon your files using this software.

Step 1: Download and install HitPaw Video Converter - the best MPEG to MP4 converter - free download. And it is compatible with Windows and Mac.

Step 2: Launch the program in your device, and click Add Files to import the MPEG files.

 click add files in hitpaw to import mpeg files

Step 3: Click the Settings button, which allows you to choose the output format.

  click settings to choose mp4 format in hitpaw

Step 4: Click Video > MP4, and choose the video quality.

Step 5: After setting up, click Convert button, or Convert All button if there are multiple files. Wait for the program to complete the process.

Step 6: Click the Converted tab, and you will see all the converted files.

Part 3. 4 Best Free MPEG to MP4 Converter Online

Converting MPEG to MP4 using a desktop program would be recommended, because this is more safe and convenient. However, there are circumstances where people want to convert files online. If so, you can check the best 4 MPEG to MP4 converters online.

1. How to Convert MPEG to MP4 Online - AnyConv

AnyConv is a free file converter online. It has gained millions of users all around the word. Besides video and audio, AnyConv also converts images, documents, ebooks, archives, fonts, etc.

Step 1: Open AnyConv website in your browser.

Step 2: Click CHOOSE FILE, and upload your MPEG files to the website.

  convert mpeg to mp4 in anyconv

Step 3: Choose to convert to MP4 in the drop-down list, and click Convert.

Step 4: The website will start converting. Once done, click to download the file to your computer.

2. How to Convert MPEG to MP4 Online Free - Convert Files

ConvertFiles has made itself on the list of the top online file converters because its easy-to-use interface and technology to protect data privacy. It also outlines all the supported formats on the page so that people can have a clear understanding.

Step 1: Open ConvertFiles website in your browser.

Step 2: Click Browse to upload the MPEG files you want to convert, choose MP4 as the output format, and click the Convert button.

convert mpeg to mp4 in convert files

Step 3: Wait for the conversion process and download it into your computer after finishing.

3. How to Convert from MPEG to MP4 Free - CloudConvert

You will never want to miss CloudConvert when considering MPEG to MP4 video converter, for CloudConvert is capable of converting more than 200 file formats.

Step 1: Head to CloudConvert website.

Step 2: Click Select Files.

 convert mpeg to mp4 in cloudconvert

Step 3: Choose Convert to MP4, and click Convert button.

The website will process the conversion. Feel free to download the converted files after that.

4. How to Convert MPEG to MP4 Free - Convertio

Convertio would be of great help if you want to convert files. With this online MPEG to MP4 converter, you don’t have to download or install any software in your computer, and you will be impressed by the high quality conversion and data security feature.

Step 1: Open the online converter in your browser.

Step 2: Click Choose Files, and then upload your MPEG files to convert.

 convert mpeg to mp4 in convertio

Step 3: Click to > Video > MP4, and click Convert. The website will change MPEG to MP4 for you.

Final Thoughts

This article has summed up the meaning of and difference between MPEG and MP4, and introduced the best online MPEG to MP4 converters online. More importantly, we have showed you how to convert MPEG to MP4 using the powerful video converter - HitPaw Video Converter.

People Also Ask About MPEG and MP4

1. Does MPEG4 mean MP4?

MP4 is an abbreviated term for MPEG-4, but MPEG is not the same as MPEG-4. MPEG-4 is a compression method, and it is sort of a video codec. And MP4 is a video format that stores images, videos, audio files, and subtitles.

2.Is MPEG better than mp4?

Well. It depends. Since MPEG and MP4 are two different things, it is hard to compare. MPEG is compatible with plenty of programs, such as Quick Time, VLC, and Windows Media Player. MP4 is wildly compatible with mobile devices.

3. MPEG vs MP4. Which one is better?

If you would like to play files using programs like Quick Time, iTunes, Windows Media Player, or VLC player, then MPEG is better. If you would like to play your videos on your mobile devices (Android, iPhone, iPad ), then MP4 is better.

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Wondering how to convert MPEG to MP4 for free? You have come to the right place. This article will show you in details about the difference between MPEG and MP4, how to convert MPEG to MP4 offline and online, and introduce 5 best MPEG to MP4 converter tools.