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Updated on 2021-10-22

Several conditions may demand the removal of audio from video files. For example, undesirable noise in the video, background audio distraction, and so on. A mute video may get made using various tools and applications in all of the circumstances mentioned above and more. Before sharing the mp4 file with your friends, you can remove the sound. But how to remove audio from mp4?

This article will demonstrate how to remove audio track from mp4 devices, including Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iPhone, and remove audio mp4 online.

How to Remove Audio from Mp4 Online

HitPaw Online Video Editing Toolbox

Suppose you are looking for a more reliable and safest option to remove audio from mp4 online free. In that case, HitPaw online video editing toolbox is the most durable choice.

Following are the steps to follow to how is this works.

  1. Drag and drop the mp4 file that you choose to remove audio from mp4 online.

    remove audio
  2. Once you've imported the video, you'll see the file is uploading on the box. Please wait a moment to remove the audio from mp4.

    remove audio from mp4
  3. You'll see the Generate Files Succcessfully. Click on download and save or you can hit on the Go Edit to trim the video.

    remove audio from mp4 online free
  4. Voila! You have just done with the work, and now your video is ready to share.

How to Extract Audio from MP4 with HitPaw Video Editor

Extracting audio from a MP4 file is not a difficult thing nowadays. People can depend on applications such as Adobe Primere, HitPaw Video Editor easily fulfilling their needs. We all know Adobe Primere is not easy-to-use and not friendly to users, the person, if a beginner, may initially find it difficult to perform without accumulation the knowledge about its program. Apparently, most of users are seeking for an easy-to-use and powerful tool. From this perspective, HitPaw Video Editor is the best suitable one for you.

  • 1 click to detach the audio from the video easily.
  • Very user-friendly user interface.
  • Easily edit your video without much professional knowledge.

One Step to Remove Audio from MP4 File

  • Step 1 Download HitPaw Video Editor.
  • Step 2 Import the MP4 file with audio into HitPaw.
  • remove audio from mp4 file
  • Step 3 On the track, right-click the MP4 file with audio and select the "Datch Audio" to remove it from the MP4.
  • remove audio from mp4 file

How to Remove Audio from Mp4 Windows/Mac

Remove audio from mp4 on Windows using Windows Movie Maker

How to remove audio from mp4? Windows Movie Maker, created by Microsoft, is a video editing program that allows you to do many editing operations quickly and easily. Among the available capabilities is remove audio track from mp4 file to produce a silent video.

To remove audio from mp4 video in Movie Maker, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Windows Movie Maker on your computer and select the Add Videos and Photos icon from the Home tab on the application interface. Browse the mp4 file to remove audio and choose it.
  2. After you've added the video, you may preview it to see if you want to remove audio from the full file or only the bits you want to hear. If you want to remove any sound from a file section, move the play head to the point you want to delete audio from and click the Split button. To use the software's editing capabilities, go to the Edit menu and choose Edit.

    how to remove audio from mp4
  3. Select the video clip to be processed and then click the Video Volume icon on the left side of the Edit tab.
  4. To remove audio from mp4, drag the volume slider to the left, keeping the level at zero. You may silence a video in Windows Movie Maker and then preview it by clicking the Play button to see if the audio gets eliminated.

    remove audio from mp4 online

Remove audio from mp4 video on Windows using VLC

VLC is a sophisticated media player that enables video conversion, file parameter modification, audio removal, and other features. Suppose you already have VLC installed on your machine. In that case, you won't need to download any extra software to remove audio track from mp4. Remove audio from mp4 is straightforward and may get utilized by both novices and experts.

How to remove audio from mp4 on Windows Videos Using VLC

  1. Open the VLC media player and select Convert/Save... from the Media drop-down menu.
  2. In the Open media box, click the +Add button to load the locally stored file with the muted version chosen. Click the Convert/Save button in the bottom-right corner once again.
  3. A convert window will now appear, from which you can pick the file's destination format from the profile section of the settings. Then, choose the file you want to edit and click the Edit selected button.

    remove audio from mp4 online free
  4. Click the Audio Codec tab in the pop-up Profile edition window. Uncheck the box next to the audio option to delete the file's audio component. Save the file by clicking the Save button.

    remove audio track
  5. In the destination section, click the browse button to choose your system's processed file name and location. Finally, click the start button to begin removing audio from video Windows using VLC.

How to Remove Audio from Android and iPhone

People are increasingly curious about if they can remove audio from mp4 video on their phones. You certainly can!

How to Remove Audio from Mp4 on an iPhone or iPad

The steps are as follows:

  1. Download and install iMovie on your iPhone or iPad. The software is free to install and requires iOS 11.4 or later.
  2. Open the Photos app on your iOS device and locate the video from which you want to delete the video.
  3. Select the Edit option, followed by the three dots symbol at the bottom.
  4. Select iMovie. Select More, turn on the switch next to iMovie, and click Done to confirm.
  5. To remove audio from mp4, choose the audio button and press it. To confirm the modification, touch on Done in the top right corner.

On Android How to Remove Audio from MP4?

Timbre, a primary and free Android video editing program, may get used to removing audio from mp4 video on Android.

  1. Get Timbre for your Android device and install it.
  2. Launch Timbre, go down to the Video area and pick Mute.
  3. Choose the video from which you wish to delete the audio.
  4. Timbre will launch the editor. All you have to do now is click on the Mute icon.
  5. When you get the following message, click the Save button: The video audio stream. MP4 will get deleted and replaced with my video. MP4 files in "/storage /emulated/o/Music".
  6. Timbre will immediately delete the audio and save it to the default place.

As a result, all work gets completed.

The Bottom Line

When you think to remove the audio from MP4 files, for example, to remove background music from your video, you can use the methods described above, the simplest of which is to use HitPaw Video Editor, which allows you to add various special effects to your video without affecting its quality.

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